Making Good Use of Ones Time-很好地利用时间

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Making Good Use of One's Time
1. 没有比时间更宝贵的东西了。
2. 现在一些学生把过多的时间花费在吃、穿、玩上。
3. 结论。
     A famous American poet says well, "Life is short, art is long." Everyone should work hard and study well. Never waste any time. Now we are young, it's high time for all of us to make up our minds to study for our country. Youth time is like a happy bird. If it flew away, it would never return. Nothing is more precious than time.
     Today some students spend tco much time enjoying their lives such as eating, clothing, travelling and so on. Others spend tm much time reading books of small value and little importance. A lot of time has been wasted. They have no idea that waste of one's time means wasting of one's life.
     While we are young and full of vigor and vitality, let's work hard.