小学英语教师课堂用语 一

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1. 打招呼   Greetings


1Good morning/afternoon, class/everybody/everyone/boys and girls/children.


2)  How are you (all) today?  你们今天(都)好吗?

3 Are you all well this morning/afternoon? 今天早上/下午大家都好吗?


4Well, did you have a good weekend? 周末过得愉快吗?

5Well, what did you do last evening/yesterday? 昨晚/天你过得怎么样?

6Tell me what you did….?  告诉我你怎么过的?

2. 考勤 Checking attendance

点名Calling the roll


7Well/Right! I’m going to call the roll/your names. 好!现在我要点名了。

8OK! Listen while I call your names.好!点名。

9Quiet now, please. Listen while I see if you are all here,×××.


10I’m here!/Here!  到!

11Who’s on duty today? Who’s helping today/this morning? 今天谁值日?

12Try to be on time.请尽量准时。

13Don’t be late next time.下次别迟到。

14Go back to your seat, please. 请回到座位上。

问缺席情况  Asking about absence

15) Now! Let’s see who’s absent. 现在让我们看看谁缺席了。

16Right Let’s see if anyone is away. 好的,让我们开课是否有人离开了。

17Is anybody/anyone absent/away? 有人缺席吗?

18) Who’s absent/away?  谁缺席了?

19Is everybody here? 全到齐了吗?

谈缺勤原因Talking about absence


20Where’s ×××?  ×××在那儿?

21Does anyone/anybody know where×××is? 有人知道×××在哪儿吗?

22Can you tell me where××× has gone?能告诉我×××去哪儿了吗?

23) ×××is ill today, isn’t she/right?×××今天病了,是吗?

关照生病者 Looking after patients


24) What’s the matter /What’s wrong (with you)? 你怎么了?

25Have you got a cold? 你感冒了吗?

26Oh, I’m sorry. 哦,真遗憾!

27Don’t worry! 别担心!

28) How are you feeling now?现在感觉如何?

29) Are you a little better/Do you feel better? 感觉好点了吗?

3.上课开始  Class beginning


30) Stand up! 起立!

31) Sit down! 坐下!

32) Now let’s begin! 现在开始上课!

33It’s time for class. 该上课了。

34Open your books. Turn to page ×. 打开书,翻到第×页。

35Turn to next page. 翻到下一页。

36Now turn back to page×. 现在翻回第×页。

37No talking, please! 请不要讲话了!

38) Be quiet./ Silent, please! 请安静!

39) Listen carefully!  注意听!

4.在课堂上  During the class


40) Read after me. ()跟我读。

41) Look at your books. ()看书。

42) Look at the blackboard. ()看黑板。

43) Do you understand? 懂了吗?

44) Is that clear? 明白了吗?

45) Read slowly/clearly. 读慢/清楚些。

46) Louder please./Speak louder. 大声点。

47) Answer my questions. 回答我的问题。

48) All right./That’s right. /对。

49) Good/Very good! /很好。

50) What does it mean? 这是什么意思?

51) Look at the picture and say something about it. /Now let’s talk about this picture.


52) Say it in English. 用英语说。

53) Who will/can answer this question? 谁来/能回答这个问题?

54) Will you try? 你来试试好吗?

55) Just try! 试试看!

56) Come to the blackboard. 来黑板跟前。/到黑板跟前来。

57) Go back to your seat. 回到你的座位上去吧。

58) Get ready for dictation. 准备听写。

59) Now let’s have dictation. 现在听写。

60) Put down your pens/pencils/ball pens. 把笔放下。

61) Hand in your exercise books. 把练习本交上来。

62) Let’s have a break. 我们休息一会儿。

63) Stop talking/laughing. 别讲了/笑了。

64) Take out your textbooks. 请把课本拿出来。

65) Close your books. 把书合上。

66) Put up your hands/ Put your hands up. 请举手。

67) This way, please. 请走这边。

68) Here you are. 给你。

69) OK. /可以/不错。

70) Read the new words. 读生词。

71) Listen to me, please. 请听我读。

72) Spell the word. 请拼出…这个词。

73) Is it correct/right? 对吗?

74) Say it again. 再说一遍。

75) Read the first paragraph. 请读第一段。

76) Stop here. 在这儿停下。

77) What’s the English for? ”用英语怎么说?

78) Think it over. 仔细考虑一下。

79) May I ask a question? 我可以提个问题吗?

80) Yes, certainly/of course.当然可以。

81) Let me try. 让我试试。

82) What’s your name, please?

83) Now let’s take up a new lesson. 我们开始上课吧!

84) Let me explain this sentence. 我来解释这句子。

85) What time is it now 几点了?

86) Translate this sentence into English/Chinese. 把这个句子译成英/汉语。

87Let’s have a chorus reading of the text. 现在大家一起来朗读课文。

88) Let me analyze this sentence. 我来分析这个句子。

89) Will you read the text, ×××? ×××,请读一下这篇课文。

90) Go on, please. 请接着读下去。

91) That’ll do, thank you. 就到这里,谢谢你。

92) Let’s start with the text. 我们现讲课文。

93) I’ll read through the text and then explain the difficult points.


94) How do you spell /pronounce this word? 这个词怎么拼/读?

95) You misspell/mispronounce the word. 这个词你拼/读错了。

96) Please pay attention to your spelling/pronunciation. 请多注意拼写/发音。

97) He made a mistake in grammar. 他有一个语法错误。

98) Will you please correct his/her/my mistake? 请你纠正他//我的错误好吗?

99) Let look at the 1st /last paragraph.我们来看第一/最后一段。

100) We are going to have a revision lesson today. 今天我们上复习课。

101) What’s the noun form of this word? 这个词的名词形式是什么?

102) Are you clear? 清楚了吗?

103) I am sorry. I didn’t catch you.对不起,我不太明白你的意思。

104) Will you please say it again? 请再讲一遍。

105) Has everyone got a sheet? 每人都拿到材料了吗?

106) Any different opinion?  有不同意见吗?

107) Are you with me? 你们跟得上我讲的吗?

108) Have I made myself clear? 我讲明白了吗?

109) Could you say it again? 你能再说一遍吗?

110) Any questions? 有问题吗?/有疑问吗?

111) That’s all for today.今天就讲到这里。

112) Please turn in your exercise books before leaving.

5. 家庭作业 Homework


113) For your homework, do exercise…and…on page…


114) learn by heart the last three paragraphs.背诵课文最后三段。

115) Copy the new words twice. 抄写生词两遍。

116) Make up a new dialogue. 编写一个新对话。

6. 介绍  Introductions


117Now let me introduce myself. 现在,我自我介绍一下。

118I’ll just tell you a bit about myself. 我向你们做个简单的自我介绍。

119) My name is Wang Hai, Spelt w-a-n-g-h-a-i. 我叫王海,拼写为w-a-n-g-h-a-i

120) I am/come from ….我来自…。

121) And what about you? 你呢?

122) Will you introduce yourself? 介绍你自己一下好吗?