CRI First Nuclear Power Plant Being Built in Ethnic Minority Area 1231

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China has the world largest number of nuclear power plants under construction. The Fangchenggang project started in July and is the first such plant to be built in an ethnic minority area.

Its first construction phase is expected to last 56 months with a total investment of 26 billion yuan, or 4-billion U.S. dollars.

Zhou Zhiwei, a professor at the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology at Tsinghua University, says nuclear power plants usually require a great deal of investment, but are more economical than thermal power plants.

"Because of high safety requirements, nuclear power plants call for large investments in security installations. Thermal power stations don't need such safety facilities. Instead they consume coal resources, which account for a big proportion of power-generation costs."

When the Fangchenggang nuclear power plant is finished by 2015, it will add 15 billion kilowatt-hours of green electricity to China's southern power grid every year.

For a thermal power station, such an output means six million tons of coal and some 15 million tons of carbon emissions.
China has as of last year approved and started construction on 10 nuclear power projects to achieve its energy conservation and emission reduction goals.

Zhou Zhiwei says the next 10 to 20 years will see a more rapid development of nuclear power in China.

"China has a thriving power market with installed capacity exceeding 900 million kilowatts. Yet, nuclear power now accounts for only 1.4 percent of it. In a way it suggests a big development potential for nuclear power to replace thermal or coal power in the future."

Recent statistics issued by the International Energy Agency indicate that nuclear power accounts for an average of 14 percent of the total global electricity output.

If the amount is increased to 25 percent, half of the carbon emissions that now plague the environment will disappear.

For CRI, I'm Wu Jia.