CRI China Ready to Stand the Second Wave of Freezing Rain 0112

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Wang Weizhi is a farmer from Wengan County in the worst-hit Guizhou Province. Her crops are entirely frozen in the recent cold snap starting last Saturday.

"I lost at least 50 thousand Yuan due to the freezing rain, estimated with last year's price."

The local apartments are trying to get things back on track. They've started to grow new crops in areas of lower altitude, expecting to replant them back after the disaster is over.

At the national level, the Ministry of Agriculture has directed local branches to help farmers reduce losses. These measures include reinforcing greenhouses and poultry shacks, and guaranteeing a "Green Pass" to transport vegetables to the markets.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security ordered local police departments in 13 provinces to improve plans for traffic management in the run-up to the Chinese New Year early next month. These provinces are asked to cooperate to redirect traffic in cases of icy roads. And expressways, especially inter-provincial ones, are not allowed to be closed without ministry approval.

The havoc wreaked by the 2008 freezing rain directly induced China's "National Emergency Response Plan to Meteorological Disasters". Three years afterwards, many believe this year's freezing rain would help perfect the plan and improve China's capabilities in coping with extreme weather conditions.

Zheng Jiangpin is from the China Meteorological Administration.

"Since January 1, the National Meteorological Center has issued five warnings forecasting freezing rain. The local departments also established their emergency response mechanisms correspondingly. So far, it's working ok."

For CRI, I'm Tingting.