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[00:00.00]Twilight 暮光之城
[00:21.55]I'd never given much thought to how I would die. 我从未想过 我会如何死去
[00:32.96]But dying in the place of someone I love 但是代替所爱之人死去
[00:36.50]seems like a good way to go. 也是种不错的归宿
[01:10.49]So I can't bring myself to regret the decision to leave home. 所以我不后悔离家的决定
[01:16.40]I would miss Phoenix. 我会想念凤凰城
[01:20.60]I'd miss the heat. 想念这里炎热的天气
[01:25.61]I would miss my loving, erratic, harebrained mother. 想念我亲爱的飘忽不定 粗心大意的妈妈
[01:28.55]Okay. 好的
[01:31.15]And her new husband. 还有她的新丈夫
[01:32.78]Guys, come on. I love you both. We got a plane to catch. 伙计们 快点 我爱你们 可快点 还要赶飞机呢
[01:35.62]But they want to go on the road, 但他们即将远行
[01:37.70]so I'm gonna spend some time with my dad, 所以我要搬去和爸爸住
[01:40.66]and this will be a good thing. 这应该是件好事
[01:44.36]I think. 至少我这么认为
[01:46.66]When the thorn bush turns white *当那荆棘丛渐渐枯萎*
[01:49.67]That's when I'll come home *就是我回家的时刻*
[01:55.94]I am going out to see what I can sow *我要环游世界 施展才华*
[02:07.00]Twilight 暮光之城
[02:09.69]And I don't know what I'll see *虽不知前途为何*
[02:13.06]In the state of Washington, 在华盛顿州
[02:14.53]under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, 有一地方 常年阴云密布 细雨绵绵
[02:17.56]there's a small town named Forks. 那就是弗克斯小镇
[02:20.03]Population, 3, 120 people. 人口 3120
[02:25.67]This is where I'm moving. 这就是我即将搬去住的地方
[02:29.84]My dad's Charlie. 我爸查利
[02:32.31]He's the chief of police. 是这的警长
[02:35.35]Curse the powers that be *诅咒那些统治者*
[02:41.05]Cause all I want is... *因为我所要的只是...*
[02:43.99]Your hair's longer. 你头发长了
[02:48.36]I cut it since the last time I saw you. 上次见你之后 我剪过
[02:54.43]Guess it grew out again. 大概又长了吧
[03:04.28]I used to spend two weeks here almost every summer, 以往每年夏天 我都会在这住两星期
[03:08.48]but it's been years. 但那是很久以前的事了
[03:25.46]I've cleared some shelves off in the bathroom. 浴室里的架子 我已清理干净了
[03:27.43]Right. One bathroom. 好的 还有浴室
[03:35.74]It's a pretty good work lamp. 这台灯很实用
[03:39.04]The sales lady picked out the bed stuff. 售货员帮我挑的床上用品
[03:42.01]You like purple, right? 你喜欢紫色 对吧?
[03:44.62]Purple's cool. 紫色不错
[03:46.98]Thanks. 谢谢
[03:54.69]Okay. 好吧
[04:01.00]One of the best things about Charlie, 查利有一优点
[04:04.10]he doesn't hover. 他从不过问闲事
[04:13.51]Heard you guys coming all the way down the road. 大老远就听到你们来了
[04:15.41]Good to see you. 很高兴见到你
[04:18.82]Bella, you remember Billy Black.    Yeah. 贝拉 还记得比尔·布莱克吗  记得
[04:21.72]Wow, you're looking good.    Well, I'm still dancing. 哇 你气色不错呦  呃 还神气十足呢
[04:25.29]I'm glad you're finally here. 很高兴你终于来了
[04:27.02]Charlie here hasn't shut up about it 查利知道你要来
[04:28.30]since you told him you were coming. 就一直说个不停
[04:30.49]All right, keep exaggerating. I'll roll you into the mud. 好吧 继续夸大其辞吧 小心我丢你喂泥巴
[04:33.46]After I ram you in the ankles. 我先撞坏你脚踝
[04:35.37]You want to go? Yeah. 玩真的? 嗯嗯
[04:37.03]Bring it. 来吧
[04:38.34]Hi, I'm Jacob. Hey. 嗨 我叫雅各布  嗨
[04:41.34]We used to make mud pies when we were little. 我们小时候常一起玩泥饽饽
[04:44.17]Right. No, I remember. 没错 是的 我记得
[04:47.18]Are they always like this? 他们总这样吗?
[04:49.85]It's getting worse with old age.    Good. 越老越爱闹啊  很好
[04:52.78]So, what do you think? 呃 你觉得这个怎样?
[04:55.42]Of what? 什么怎样?
[04:57.22]Your homecoming present.    This? 你的回家礼物  这个?
[05:00.16]Just bought it off Billy here.    Yep. 刚从比尔那买的  没错
[05:03.09]I totally rebuilt the engine for you.    Come on. 我帮你安了新发动机  不会吧
[05:06.20]Oh, my gosh! 噢 天哪!
[05:08.93]This is perfect. Are you joking me? 太棒了 不是开玩笑吧?
[05:11.80]Sorry. 抱歉
[05:14.24]I told you she'd love it. 早说过 她肯定会喜欢的
[05:16.21]I'm down with the kids. 我可很会哄小孩啊
[05:18.18]Oh, yeah, dude. You're the bomb. 没错 伙计 你最在行了
[05:20.74]Okay. 好的
[05:22.71]Listen, you gotta double-pump the clutch when you shift, 听着 换档的时候 踩两下离合器
[05:24.92]but besides that, you should be good. 除此之外 应该没问题了
[05:27.15]That's this one?    Yeah. Yeah, right there. 这个吗?  嗯嗯 就是那儿
[05:29.45]All right. 好的
[05:31.79]Do you want a ride to school or something? 想搭这车一起去学校吗?
[05:33.86]I go to school on the reservation. 我的学校在保留区(专供印第安人居住)
[05:36.19]Right, right.    Yeah. 好吧好吧  嗯
[05:38.40]That's too bad. It would've been nice to know one person. 太糟了 在新学校要有认识的人该多好
[05:48.04]My first day at a new school. 我上新学校的第一天
[05:50.11]It's March, middle of the semester. 那是三月 正好是学期的当中
[05:53.68]Great. 好极了
[06:01.72]Nice ride.    Thanks. 车不错呦  谢了
[06:05.86]Good one. 车真不错啊
[06:13.93]You're Isabella Swan, the new girl. 你是伊莎贝拉·斯万 新来的女生
[06:16.00]Hi, I'm Eric, the eyes and ears of this place. 嗨 我是埃里克 本校的万事通
[06:20.40]Anything you need, tour guide, lunch date, shoulder to cry on? 你需要什么呢? 向导 午餐伴儿 诉苦对象?
[06:28.35]I'm really kind of the more suffer-in-silence type. 我比较喜欢自己默默承受痛苦
[06:32.75]Good headline for your feature. 给你做特写的好标题呦
[06:33.85]I'm on the paper, and you're news, baby, front page. 我是新闻社的 你是新焦点 要给你做头版呦
[06:36.59]No, I'm not. 不 不要
[06:38.36]You... Please don't have any sort of... 你...请不要...
[06:42.26]Chillax. No feature. 放轻松 不做特写
[06:45.00]Okay, thanks.    Cool? 嗯 谢谢  好吧?
[06:46.53]All right. Okay. Yeah. 快快快 好的 耶
[06:52.64]Get it! Get it! Get it! 接住 接住
[06:55.61]To you! 传给你
[06:57.34]Whoa! 啊!
[06:58.78]I'm sorry. 对不起
[06:59.91]I told them not to let me play. 我说过我不会 她们偏让我玩
[07:02.58]No way. No, no, no. That's... That's... Don't... 不不不 没关系
[07:05.02]You're Isabella, right? 你是伊莎贝拉 对吧?
[07:07.52]Just Bella. 叫我贝拉好了
[07:09.05]Yeah. Hey, I'm Mike Newton. 好 嗨 我是麦克·牛顿
[07:11.52]Nice to meet you.    Yeah, yeah. 很高兴见到你  嗯嗯
[07:13.72]She's got a great spike, huh?    Yeah, it's... 她这扣球打得不错吧  呃...
[07:16.06]I'm Jessica, by the way. 顺便说一句 我叫杰西卡
[07:17.86]Hey, you're from Arizona, right? 嗨 你从亚利桑那州来 对吧?
[07:19.86]Yeah. 是的
[07:21.27]Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be, like, really tan? 那儿的人 皮肤不都黑黑的吗?
[07:25.07]Yeah. 没错
[07:26.20]Maybe that's why they kicked me out. 也许就因为这 他们才把我赶出来
[07:32.31]You're good. 你可真会开玩笑
[07:35.01]That's so funny. 好好笑
[07:40.52]Back in, Jess.    Down here. 杰西 快回来  来喽
[07:42.99]Like a masterpiece, you know, 就像伟大的杰作 知道嘛
[07:44.32]we'll have, like, this crazy pyramid fall from the sky, 就像上帝赐予的金字塔
[07:46.66]and then you guys can...    It's my pleasure, Madame. 然后你们...  请坐 小姐
[07:48.66]You guys can give each other... 你们大伙就可以...
[07:50.00]...high fives.    Burrito, my friend? ...击掌庆祝  玉米馅饼要吗 朋友?
[07:50.86]Hey, Mikey! You met my home girl, Bella? 嗨 麦克! 见过我女友了?
[07:53.70]Your home girl? 你女友?
[07:54.97]Yeah.    Yeah? 真的  真的?
[07:56.03]That's...    My girl. 怎么...  我女友
[07:58.27]Sorry I had to mess up your game, Mike! 抱歉坏了你的好事 麦克
[07:59.80]Tyler. 泰勒
[08:01.97]Yes! 亲到喽!
[08:03.77]Oh, my God. 噢 天哪
[08:05.34]It's like first grade all over again. You're the shiny new toy. 好像又回到了一年级 你是大家的新宠
[08:09.78]Smile. 笑一个
[08:11.45]Okay. Sorry. 好了 抱歉
[08:12.78]I needed a candid for the feature. 我得为特写拍照
[08:14.25]The feature's dead, Angela. 特写不做了 安吉拉
[08:15.72]Don't bring it up again. 别再提这事了
[08:18.09]It's okay, I just... 没事的 我只是...
[08:19.26]I got your back, baby. 我永远挺你 宝贝
[08:21.59]Guess we'll just run another editorial on teen drinking. 看来我们要把社论转向青少年酗酒
[08:24.86]You know, you can always go for eating disorders. 知道嘛 你可以写...暴饮暴食
[08:30.57]Speedo padding on the swim team. 游泳队的速比涛装备
[08:32.57]Actually, that's a good one. 说实话 这话题不错
[08:34.20]Kirk. Right? That's exactly what I thought.    Yeah. 科特那家伙 对吧? 正是我所想  没错
[08:37.37]We're talking Olympic-size. 我们在讨论谁有参加奥林匹克的资格
[08:39.61]There's no way. He's so skinny. It doesn't make sense. 不可能 他太瘦了 根本没戏
[08:41.78]Totally.    Yeah. 没错  就是
[08:45.98]Who are they? 他们是谁?
[08:48.09]The Cullens. 库伦一家
[08:50.75]They're Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. 他们是库伦医生夫妇的养子们
[08:54.32]They moved down here from Alaska, like, a few years ago. 几年前 他们从阿拉斯加州搬来
[08:57.93]They kind of keep to themselves. 他们一向独来独往
[09:00.13]Yeah, 'cause they're all together. 嗯 因为他们总是在一起
[09:02.13]Like, together, together. 成双成对
[09:06.84]The blonde girl, that's Rosalie, 那位金发女孩 她叫罗莎莉
[09:09.47]and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett, they're, like, a thing. 那个大个子黑发男孩 埃米 他俩就是一对
[09:13.14]I'm not even sure that's legal. 我都不知道这样是否合法
[09:14.68]Jess, they're not actually related. 杰西 他们又没血缘关系
[09:17.11]Yeah, but they live together. It's weird. 没错 但他们同住一个屋檐下 感觉怪怪的
[09:19.85]And, okay, the little darkhaired girl's Alice. 那位身材小小的黑发女孩是艾丽丝
[09:23.55]She's really weird, 她真的很诡异
[09:25.52]and she's with Jasper, 她和詹斯波一对
[09:27.70]the blond one who looks like he's in pain. 金发的那位 他看起来好像很痛苦
[09:33.76]Dr. Cullen's like this foster dadlmatchmaker. 库伦医生就像是"收养爸爸兼媒人"
[09:38.54]Maybe he'll adopt me. 没准他会收养我呢
[09:41.67]Who's he? 他呢?
[09:49.41]That's Edward Cullen. 他是爱德华·库伦
[09:51.28]He's totally gorgeous, obviously, 他超帅 毫无疑问
[09:54.15]but apparently nobody here's good enough for him. 但很明显 这没人配得上他
[09:58.42]Like I care, you know? 我才不在乎呢 你明白吧?
[10:01.36]So, yeah. 所以呢
[10:05.40]Seriously, like, don't waste your time. 说真的 别在他身上浪费时间
[10:08.30]I wasn't planning on it. 我对他没兴趣
[10:20.48]Mr. Molina.    Hey, Mike. 莫里纳先生  嗨 麦克
[10:23.61]Oh, yes. Miss Swan. 噢 好的 斯万小姐
[10:40.43]Hi. Can I have the pass? Thank you. 嗨 能让我看下上课证吗? 谢谢
[10:42.87]Welcome to the class. Here. Here's your stuff, okay? 欢迎来上课 给 这是课本
[10:45.27]And I got a seat for you right here, so come over. 我帮你安排个座位 过去吧
[10:48.01]The last one. Just follow along till you catch up. 仅有的空位 慢慢来 课程很快会赶上的
[10:50.41]All right, guys, today we are gonna be 好的 同学们 今天我们要
[10:51.86]observing the behavior of planaria, 观察涡虫的行为模式
[10:54.58]aka flatworms. 也就是 扁形虫
[10:57.48]So what we're gonna do... 我们要做的就是...
[11:03.85]...regenerate. ...使之再生
[11:05.96]Zombie worms. 僵尸虫子
[11:08.36]No cell phones. Guys, let's get to it. 请关闭手机 同学们 开始做吧
[11:13.10]Gentle, gentle, certain areas. 轻点 轻点 某些部分
[11:14.93]Please just don't cut here. We don't cut here. 别切这儿 别切那儿
[11:18.77]You won't believe this. 你所看到的会很神奇
[11:21.24]Let's try to focus while we check those out, huh, guys? 做的时候要专心 好吧 同学们
[11:35.79]There must be something open. 应该还有别的课可选吧
[11:37.19]Physics? Biochem?    WONo, every class is full. 物理课? 生物化学?  不 每门课都满了
[11:40.99]Just a minute, dear. 再等下
[11:42.63]I'm afraid you'll have to stay in biology. 恐怕你只能上生物课了
[11:46.73]Fine. Just... I'll just have to endure it. 好吧 我...我只好忍下去
[12:06.22]I just can't get over how grown up you are. And so gorgeous. 真不敢相信你长这么大了 还这么漂亮
[12:10.59]Hey, Bella. 嗨 贝拉
[12:12.69]You remember me? 还记得我吗?
[12:15.56]I played Santa one year. 有一年我曾扮过圣诞老人
[12:17.76]Yeah, Waylon, she hasn't had a Christmas here since she was four. 喂 维隆 她四岁以后就没在这儿过圣诞节了
[12:21.00]I bet I made an impression, though, didn't I? 但我敢说 我肯定让人印象深刻 是吧?
[12:23.20]You always do.    Butt-crack Santa? 确实啊  爱吹牛的圣诞老人?
[12:26.30]Hey, kids love those little bottles, though. 嘿 孩子们确实很喜欢那些小瓶子啊
[12:28.37]All right, let the girl eat her garden burger, Waylon. 好吧 让她赶快吃汉堡吧 维隆
[12:31.68]As soon as you're done, I will bring you your favorite. 等你吃完 我再拿来你最爱吃的
[12:34.18]Berry cobbler, remember? 浆果派 还记得吗?
[12:36.08]Your dad still has it. Every Thursday. 你爸还常常吃 每周四都吃
[12:39.08]Thank you. That'd be great. 谢谢 太好了
[12:45.89]Here. 你先
[12:47.72]Thanks. 谢谢
[12:57.90]Hey, baby. So, listen, if spring training goes well, 嗨 宝贝 听着 若春训进展顺利的话
[13:00.74]we could be moving to Florida. 我们就会搬到佛罗里达州
[13:01.97]Please insert $1.25 for an additional three minutes. 请再投币1.25美元 通话时间三分钟
[13:05.14]Mom, where's your cell? 妈 你手机呢?
[13:06.41]Okay, don't laugh. 好吧 不许笑我
[13:07.94]I didn't lose my power cord. It ran away. 不是我弄丢电源线的 是它自己跑走的
[13:11.62]Screaming. I literally repel technology now. 随你笑吧 我现在可是抵制科技呦
[13:15.55]I miss you.    Oh, baby, I miss you, too. 我想你  宝贝 我也想你
[13:19.09]But tell me more about your school. Now, what are the kids like? 说说你学校的事吧 那的小朋友怎样?
[13:21.46]Are there any cute guys? 有没有帅气的男生?
[13:23.59]Are they being nice to you? 他们对你好吗?
[13:26.66]Well, 呃
[13:29.27]they're all very welcoming. 他们都特欢迎我呦
[13:32.20]Tell me all about it. 给我说说嘛
[13:33.74]It doesn't even matter. 这不重要
[13:35.51]Yes, it does, honey. 不 很重要的 宝贝
[13:36.77]I have homework to do. I'll talk to you later. 我还要做作业 以后再谈吧
[13:40.94]Okay. I love you. 好吧 爱你
[13:42.41]Love you, too. 我也爱你
[13:53.22]I planned to confront him 我打算直接面对他
[13:55.00]and demand to know what his problem was. 问问他到底有何不满
[14:06.47]But he never showed. 但他没再出现
[14:14.61]Bella! 贝拉
[14:29.59]And the next day, another no-show. 第二天 他也没出现
[14:38.00]More days passed. 好多天过去了
[14:40.20]Things were getting a little strange. 事情变得有点怪怪的
[15:32.72]You all right?    Yeah, I'm good. 你还好吧?  嗯 没事
[15:34.39]Ice doesn't really help the uncoordinated. 天下雨 水还结冰来添乱
[15:37.29]Yeah. That's why I had some new tires put on the truck. 嗯 所以我给车子换了新轮胎
[15:41.03]Old ones were getting pretty bald. 旧胎已经磨损得很严重
[15:43.87]Well, probably be late for dinner. 今晚很可能不回来吃晚饭了
[15:45.20]I gotta head down to Mason County. 我要赶到梅森郡
[15:46.94]Security guard at the Grisham Mill 葛里森制造厂的警卫
[15:48.60]got killed by some kind of animal. 不知被什么动物咬死了
[15:51.94]An animal? 动物?
[15:54.68]You're not in Phoenix anymore, Bells. 这儿可不是你以前住的凤凰城 贝拉
[15:57.35]Anyway, I figured I'd lend a hand. 不管怎样 我得去帮帮忙
[15:59.52]Be careful.    Always am. 万事小心  我一直很小心
[16:03.29]And thanks for the tires.    Yeah. 谢谢帮我换轮胎  不客气
[16:22.47]Prom Committee is a chick thing, 舞会委员会马上要成立了
[16:23.97]but I gotta cover it for the paper anyway, 但还有些文字工作要做
[16:25.94]and they need a guy to help choose the music, 而且需要个人来帮忙选音乐
[16:27.78]so I need your play list. 所以我想知道你喜欢听什么
[16:28.88]Hey, listen, I was wondering, did you have a date to... 嘿 听着 不知你是否有伴儿...
[16:33.48]What's up, Arizona? Huh? 还好吧 亚利桑那女孩 啊?
[16:35.29]How you liking the rain, girl? 喜欢下雨吗 小姐?
[16:37.29]Better get used to it, girl. 最好赶快习惯这种天气呦 小姐
[16:38.46]Yeah, Mike, hey, you're real cute, man. 麦克 嗨 你真可爱
[16:40.29]Oh, I know...    That was really awesome. 我知道...  那真的很棒
[16:43.53]Why you shooting down my game? Let a playa play. 为什么不来参加我的比赛? 大家乐一乐嘛
[16:45.90]Yeah, okay. What you playing at, T-Ball? 好的 要打什么比赛 安全棒球?
[16:58.48]Hello. 你好
[17:00.44]I'm sorry, I didn't get a chance to introduce myself last week. 我很抱歉 上星期没机会自我介绍
[17:04.58]I'm Edward Cullen. 我叫爱德华·库伦
[17:06.58]You're Bella? 你叫贝拉?
[17:09.19]Yes. 是的
[17:10.35]Onion root tip cells, 洋葱根尖细胞
[17:12.16]that's what's on your slides right now. 这就是载片上的东西
[17:13.96]Okay? So, separate and label them into the phases of mitosis, 懂吗? 按细胞分裂阶段将它们进行区分 标识
[17:18.23]and the first partners that get it right 第一个完成任务的小组
[17:19.82]are gonna win the Golden Onion. 会获得金洋葱奖哟
[17:26.24]All right, good. 好的 开始吧
[17:29.07]Ladies first. 女士优先
[17:35.58]You were gone. 你好多天都没来
[17:37.55]Yeah. 是的
[17:39.18]I was out of town for a couple of days. 我去外地呆了几天
[17:41.75]Personal reasons. 办点私事
[17:44.49]Prophase. 分裂前期
[17:47.26]Do you mind if I look? 介意我再看下吗?
[17:54.36]It's prophase. 是前期
[17:56.87]Like I said. 正如我所说
[18:04.01]So are you enjoying the rain? 你喜欢雨吗?
[18:09.11]What? 怎么了?
[18:10.48]You're asking me about the weather? 你问我有关天气的事?
[18:12.85]Yeah, I... 嗯 我...
[18:14.85]I guess I am. 是的
[18:18.76]Well, I don't really like the rain. 我不太喜欢雨天
[18:23.63]Any cold, wet thing, I don't really... 任何太冷 太湿的事 我都不太喜...
[18:31.77]What?    Nothing. 怎么了?  没什么
[18:38.81]It's anaphase. 是分裂后期
[18:41.14]You mind if I check?    Sure. 介意我确认下吗?  看吧
[18:52.06]Anaphase. 后期
[18:53.89]Like I said. 正如我所说
[18:59.56]If you hate the cold and the rain so much, 如果你这么讨厌寒冷 雨天
[19:01.46]why'd you move to the wettest place in the continental US? 你干嘛还搬到美国最潮湿多雨的地方啊?
[19:11.27]It's complicated. 说来话长
[19:13.71]I'm sure I can keep up. 我会耐心听的
[19:20.22]My mom remarried, and... 我妈妈再婚...
[19:23.82]So you don't like the guy, or... 这么说你不喜欢那位新爸爸...
[19:27.16]No, that's not... 不 不是因为这个...
[19:31.56]Phil's really nice. 菲尔人很好
[19:46.34]It's metaphase. You want to check it? 分裂中期 你要确认下吗?
[19:50.55]I believe you. 我相信你
[19:52.98]Why didn't you move with your mother and Phil? 你为何不和你妈 菲尔一起住?
[19:58.02]Well, Phil's a minor league baseball player, 呃 菲尔是小职业球队联盟的棒球运动员
[20:01.99]and he travels a lot, 他经常外出
[20:04.96]and my mom stayed home with me, but I knew it made her unhappy, 我妈不得不在家陪我 但我知道她并不开心
[20:08.43]so I figured I'd stay with my dad for a while. 所以我觉得我最好和爸爸住一阵子
[20:14.90]And now you're unhappy. 但现在你却不开心了
[20:17.67]No.    I'm sorry, I'm just... 没有  对不起 我只是...
[20:20.88]I'm just trying to figure you out. 我只想搞懂你是怎样的人
[20:23.71]You're very difficult for me to read. 你很难读懂
[20:26.22]Hey, did you get contacts? 嘿 你戴隐形眼镜了吗?
[20:28.52]No. 没有
[20:30.89]Your eyes were black the last time l saw you, 上次我见你时 你的眼睛是黑色的
[20:33.22]and now they're, like, golden brown. 现在却是金褐色的
[20:37.26]Yeah, I know, it's the... 嗯 我知道 是因为...
[20:39.83]It's the fluorescents. 是因为荧火灯
[21:37.25]Bella!    Bella! 贝拉  贝拉
[21:40.09]Dial 911 ! 快打911
[21:41.16]I already called. They're gonna send somebody over soon. 我已打了 他们很快派人来
[21:43.19]Bella, I'm so sorry. I panicked. 贝拉 对不起 我吓傻了
[21:46.83]Bella, I've got 911 on the phone now. 贝拉 我已打通911了
[21:55.84]Bella. You okay? 贝拉 你没事吧?
[21:58.64]You and I are gonna talk. You all right? 我要跟你好好谈谈 你没事吧?
[22:00.11]I'm fine, Dad. Calm down. 我没事 爸爸 保持冷静
[22:01.98]I'm sorry, Bella. I tried to stop. 对不起 贝拉 我已经踩刹车了
[22:04.48]I know. It's okay. 我懂 没事的
[22:05.62]No. It sure as hell is not okay. 不 他肯定不会没事的
[22:08.42]Dad, it wasn't his fault. 爸 不是他的错
[22:09.62]You could've been killed. You understand that? 你差点死掉 明白吗?
[22:11.75]Yes. But I wasn't, so... 我知道 但我没死 所以...
[22:14.99]You can kiss your license goodbye. 你等着驾照被吊销吧
[22:17.76]I heard the chief's daughter was here.    Dr. Cullen. 听说警长的女儿在这  库伦医生
[22:20.46]Charlie. 查利
[22:22.20]I've got this one, Jackie. 交给我吧 杰姬
[22:25.40]Isabella. 伊莎贝拉
[22:27.50]Bella. 贝拉
[22:28.91]Well, Bella, looks like you took quite a spill. How do you feel? 好的 贝拉 看来摔得不轻啊 你感觉怎样?
[22:31.91]Good. 还好
[22:33.84]Look here. 看这
[22:36.21]You might experience some post-traumatic stress 很可能会出现创伤后压力症
[22:38.10]or disorientation, 或定向力障碍症
[22:40.32]but your vitals look good. 但没伤到要害
[22:42.29]No signs of any head trauma. 也无任何脑损伤
[22:44.45]I think you'll be just fine. 很快会没事的
[22:46.06]I'm so sorry, Bella. I'm really... 对不起 贝拉 我...
[22:51.79]You know, it would've been a whole lot worse 多亏爱德华在那 要不然...
[22:52.96]if Edward wasn't there. He knocked me out of the way. 他保护我免受撞击
[22:55.90]Edward? Your boy? 爱德华? 你儿子?
[22:58.60]Yeah, it was amazing. 太不可思议了
[23:00.04]I mean, he got to me so fast. 我是说 他那么快就来到我身边
[23:01.32]He was nowhere near me. 但他当时离我好远
[23:02.87]Sounds like you were very lucky. 听起来 你确实很走运
[23:05.04]Charlie. 查利
[23:10.41]I gotta go sign some paperwork. You should... 还有些东西要我签字 你应该...
[23:14.28]You should probably call your mom. 或许你应该给你妈打个电话
[23:16.79]Did you tell her? 你告诉她了?
[23:21.26]She's probably just 她现在肯定
[23:24.33]freaking out. 吓死了
[23:27.20]... fifteen kids that saw what happened. ...15个孩子都看到了
[23:28.67]What was I supposed to do, then? Let her die? 我又能怎么办? 眼睁睁看她被撞死?
[23:31.30]This isn't just about you. It's about all of us. 这不只关系到你 关系到我们每个人
[23:34.07]I think we should take this in my office. 回我办公室再说吧
[23:38.91]Can I talk to you for a minute?    Rosalie. 能和你谈下吗?  罗莎莉
[23:47.98]What? 干嘛?
[23:52.72]How did you get over to me so fast? 你怎么能那么快就跑到我身边?
[23:55.16]I was standing right next to you, Bella. 我就站在你身边 贝拉
[23:57.69]No. You were next to your car, across the lot. 不 你在你车旁边 在停车场的对面
[24:02.10]No, I wasn't. 不 我没有
[24:06.14]Yes, you were. 不 你有
[24:09.41]Bella, you're... You hit your head. 贝拉 你... 你撞到头
[24:12.84]I think you're confused. 我猜你有点撞糊涂了
[24:14.68]I know what I saw. 我知道我看到了什么
[24:16.18]And what exactly was that? 那你到底看到了什么
[24:19.15]You... 你...
[24:22.25]You stopped the van. 你把车停了下来
[24:24.75]You pushed it away with your hand. 你用手就把它推开了
[24:28.39]Well, nobody's gonna believe you, so... 没人会相信这些话的 所以...
[24:32.40]I wasn't gonna tell anybody. 我不会告诉任何人的
[24:35.30]I just need to know the truth. 我只想知道真相
[24:38.74]Can't you just thank me and get over it? 难道你不能说声谢谢 然后忘了这件事?
[24:41.94]Thank you. 谢谢
[24:44.91]You're not gonna let this go, are you?    No. 你不会就此罢手的 是吧?  不会
[24:47.71]Well, then I hope you enjoy disappointment. 那好吧 反正你最终还是会一无所获
[25:25.28]And that was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen. 那晚我第一次梦到了爱德华·库伦
[25:31.22]I need everybody's permission slips, okay? 我要每个人的上车条 好吗?
[25:32.92]Sammy, please collect them.    Yeah. 山姆 去收一下  好的
[25:34.72]Guys, let's go. 同学们 快点
[25:36.53]Come on, get in. In. Let's go! 快点 上车 上车
[25:51.57]Look at you, huh? You're alive. 瞧瞧你呦 还活着嘛
[25:54.91]I know, yeah. False alarm, I guess.    Yeah. 我知道 虚惊一场  是啊
[25:58.41]Now, I wanted to ask you, you know, if, you know, 我想问问你 你也知道
[26:01.85]it's like a month away, but... 虽说还有一个月 但...
[26:05.02]Do you wanna go to prom with me? 能和我一起参加高校舞会吗?
[26:11.69]So, what do you think? 呃 你觉得怎样?
[26:14.40]About what?    Do you want to go? 什么啊?  你会去吗?
[26:18.84]To prom? 舞会?
[26:20.34]With me? 和我一起?
[26:23.61]I... 我...
[26:25.47]Prom. 舞会
[26:27.61]Dancing. 跳舞
[26:29.58]Not such a good idea for me. 对我来说不太适合
[26:33.52]I have something that weekend anyway. 但不管怎样 我那周末还有别的事
[26:35.92]I'm going to Jacksonville that weekend. 那周末我要去杰克逊维尔市
[26:37.92]You can't go another weekend? 不能别的时间去吗?
[26:39.96]Non-refundable ticket. 车票不能退啊
[26:42.66]You should ask Jessica. 你应该邀请杰西卡
[26:44.79]I know she wants to go with you. 我知道她想和你一起去
[26:46.83]All right. All right. 好吧 好吧
[26:49.80]Yo, yo, yo. Hey, guys, come on. 嘿嘿嘿 你们 快点来啊
[26:52.30]We gotta go. We gotta go. Green is what? Good. 我们要出发了 "绿色"代表什么? 代表着好啊
[26:55.50]Let's go. Guys, come on. 快啊 走了
[26:59.44]Other bus, other bus. Let's go. 坐另一辆车 另一辆车 快啊
[27:01.18]Egg shells, carrot tops. 鸡蛋壳 胡萝卜头
[27:02.81]Compost is cool. Now, stuff that in there, Eric. 混合肥料超棒的 埃里克 把这杯子装满
[27:05.51]Yes, sir. Yes, sir.    Very good, very good. 好的 老师  很好很好
[27:07.08]Now, I am gonna make a steaming cup of compost tea. 现在呢 我要弄杯刚出炉的混合肥料茶
[27:12.79]Okay.    Give me that. 好啊  给我
[27:13.96]Yeah. This is recycling in its most basic form, guys. 这是最简单的循环再利用 同学们
[27:17.93]Don't drink it! It's for the plants. 别喝 那是浇水用的
[27:21.23]What's in Jacksonville? 去杰克逊维尔市干嘛?
[27:25.27]How did you know about that? 你怎么知道我要去那?
[27:28.54]You didn't answer my question. 你还没回答我的问题
[27:31.01]You don't answer any of mine, so... 你也没回答过我的问题 所以...
[27:33.84]I mean, you don't even say hi to me. 我是说 你甚至连个招呼都没打
[27:36.88]Hi. 嗨
[27:39.78]Are you gonna tell me how you stopped the van? 要告诉我 你是如何让车停下来的吗?
[27:42.45]Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush. 嗯 我有肾上腺突发症
[27:45.92]It's very common. You can Google it. 很常见的病 你可以上网搜搜看
[27:52.43]Floridians. 看球赛
[27:54.20]That's what's in Jacksonville. 这就是我为何要去那
[27:57.07]Can you at least watch where you walk? 你至少走路要小心嘛
[28:02.84]Look, I'm sorry I'm being rude all the time. 听着 一直以来我都很无礼 我很抱歉
[28:05.40]I just think it's the best way. 只是 我觉得那样做最好
[28:06.68]Bella! Guess who just asked me to prom. 贝拉! 猜猜刚才谁邀请我去舞会
[28:09.95]Who? 谁啊?
[28:11.75]Yeah, I actually totally thought that Mike was gonna ask you. 我原以为麦克会邀请你呢
[28:16.82]It's not gonna be weird, though, right? 我俩一起一点都不奇怪 对吧?
[28:18.00]No. Zero weirdness. 不 一点都不奇怪
[28:20.06]You guys are great together.    I know, right? 你俩在一起很配  我知道 就是嘛
[28:23.06]Tyler...    Gross. 泰勒...  恶心啊
[28:25.03]Bella, look. It's a worm. 贝拉 看啊 是虫子耶
[28:27.20]It's a worm. 虫子
[28:32.67]Bella, we shouldn't be friends. 贝拉 我们不该是朋友
[28:37.81]You really should've figured that out a little earlier. 你早该想到这一点
[28:41.94]I mean, why didn't you just let the van crush me 我是说 你干嘛不让车撞到我
[28:43.61]and save yourself all this regret? 省得你现在后悔
[28:48.18]What, you think I regret saving you? 你认为我后悔救了你?
[28:50.09]I can see that you do. I just... I don't know why. 我能看出来你很后悔 我只是 我只是不知道原因
[28:54.56]You don't know anything. 你根本什么都不知道
[28:57.23]Hi. 嗨
[28:58.93]Are you gonna be riding with us? 要和我们一起坐吗?
[29:00.16]No, our bus is full. 不 这辆车满了
[29:12.17]Your mom called. Again. 你妈又打来了
[29:16.15]Well, that's your fault. 都怪你
[29:17.21]You shouldn't have told her about the ''almost'' accident. 你不该告诉她 那个"不是车祸"的车祸
[29:18.80]You finished? 吃完了?
[29:19.92]Yeah. 嗯
[29:21.88]Yeah, I suppose you're right. She always did know how to worry. 是啊 你说的没错 她总是大惊小怪
[29:27.32]She seems different. 她好像变了
[29:30.09]She seems happy. 听起来她很快乐
[29:35.10]Phil sounds like an all right guy. 菲尔听似很不错
[29:39.17]Yeah, he is. 是 他人不错
[29:47.51]All right. 好吧
[29:48.64]No, you need the mitts. You need them. 不 你需要戴手套 你要戴
[29:51.85]No, why do you keep arguing with me? You just need them. 不 干嘛老和我吵? 你才要戴呢
[29:54.32]You're gonna get frostbite!    I don't even know. 你会被冻伤的  我也不知道
[30:00.66]Yeah. Hey! 嗨
[30:02.29]La Push, baby. You in?    Should I know what that means? 拉普什 你来吗?  什么意思?
[30:05.13]La Push Beach down at the Quileute Rez. We're all going tomorrow. 库兰特保留区的拉普什海滩 我们明天打算一起去
[30:07.73]Yeah, there's a big swell coming in. 可以看到大海潮
[30:08.80]And I don't just surf the Internet. 我可不仅会网上冲浪呦
[30:11.00]Eric, you stood up once, 埃里克 冲浪时你只站起过一次
[30:12.06]and it was a foam board. 用的还是泡沫冲浪板
[30:13.50]But there's whale watching, too. Come with us. 我们还可以看鲸鱼 一起来嘛
[30:15.77]La Push, baby. It's La Push. 拉普什 宝贝 那可是拉普什
[30:19.31]Okay, I'll go if you stop saying that, okay? 好吧 只要你别再那样说 我就去
[30:21.38]Seriously, dude. It's creepy, man. 说真的 伙计 那样说话真恶心
[30:23.01]What? That's what it's called.    So... 什么? 就是那样说的嘛  所以...
[30:24.48]Edible art? 食品艺术?
[30:29.25]Bella. 贝拉
[30:31.75]Thanks. 谢了
[30:33.16]You know, your mood swings are kind of giving me whiplash. 知道嘛 你的态度忽冷忽热 真的让我很受伤
[30:38.56]I only said it'd be better if we weren't friends, 我只是说 我们不应该做朋友
[30:40.20]not that I didn't wanna be. 并不是说 我不想和你做朋友
[30:41.70]What does that mean? 什么意思?
[30:44.07]It means if you were smart, you'd stay away from me. 也就是说 如果你聪明 你就应该远离我
[30:48.47]Okay, well, let's say for argument's sake that I'm not smart. 好吧 假设我不聪明
[30:51.71]Would you tell me the truth?    No, probably not. 你能告诉我真相吗?  不 不会
[30:56.01]I'd rather hear your theories. 我想听听你是怎么想的
[30:59.62]I have considered 我猜
[31:02.85]radioactive spiders and Kryptonite. 受过电磁幅射的蜘蛛侠 或 超人
[31:07.46]That's all superhero stuff, right? 都是英雄人物 对吧?
[31:09.89]What if I'm not the hero? What if I'm the bad guy? 如果我不是英雄? 如果我是坏蛋呢?
[31:14.06]You're not. 你不是
[31:16.43]I can see what you're trying to put off, 我知道你想隐瞒什么
[31:18.43]but I can see that it's just to keep people away from you. 我知道你这样做 只是为了让大家远离你
[31:20.80]It's a mask. 只是伪装面具
[31:26.38]Why don't we just hang out? 我们一起出去玩 怎样?
[31:32.21]Everybody's going to the beach. 大家都要去海边
[31:34.08]Come. 来嘛
[31:36.69]I mean, have fun. 我是说 一起开心下
[31:42.99]Which beach?    La Push. 哪个海边?  拉普什
[31:45.83]I don't know. 我不知道能不能去
[31:47.73]I just... 我只是...
[31:49.53]Is there something wrong with that beach? 那个海滩有什么不对吗?
[31:54.97]It's just a little crowded. 只是人太多而已
[32:02.38]Hey, it's freezing.    I'm paddling out, Coates. 啊 太冷了  我去喽 寇兹
[32:05.81]I don't know if it's worth it anymore. 我真怀疑这样做值不值
[32:07.00]We drove all the way out here. 我们开了半天车才到这
[32:08.48]I'm at least paddling out.    Yeah. 至少我要拍拍水玩  嗯嗯
[32:10.39]She's right.    You guys are babies. 她说得对  你们大男生真娇气
[32:11.99]So, I keep thinking that Eric's gonna ask me to the prom, 我一直认为埃里克会邀我去舞会
[32:15.66]and then he just doesn't. 但他到现在还没邀请我
[32:20.80]You should ask him. 你去邀请他嘛
[32:23.77]Take control. You're a strong, independent woman. 主动点 你那么坚强独立
[32:27.67]I am?    Yes. 真的?  是的
[32:30.81]Hey, will you do me up?    Yeah. 帮我拉上好吗?  好
[32:34.74]Bella!    Hi, Jacob. 贝拉!  嗨 雅各布
[32:37.01]Guys, this is Jacob.    Hey, guys. How you doing? 大伙 这是雅各布  嗨 大伙 还好吧?
[32:38.68]Hi.    Hi. 嗨  嗨
[32:41.95]What are you, like, stalking me? 你怎么 跟踪我吗?
[32:44.05]You're on my rez, remember? 是你来到我们的地盘 别忘呦
[32:47.02]Are you surfing? 你要冲浪吗?
[32:49.02]Definitely not.    Thanks. 绝不  谢了
[32:50.96]You guys should keep Bella company. Her date bailed. 你们要和贝拉作伴儿呦 她约的人没来
[32:53.93]What date? 约了谁?
[32:55.06]She invited Edward. 她邀请了爱德华
[32:56.97]To be polite, that's it. 只是出于礼貌而已
[32:57.90]I think it's nice she invited him. 我觉得她邀请他很好啊
[32:59.57]Nobody ever does.    Yeah, 'cause Cullen's a freak. 从没人邀请过他  是啊 因为库伦是个怪胎
[33:02.17]You got that right. 你说的没错
[33:04.61]You guys know him? 你们认识他吗?
[33:06.31]The Cullens don't come here. 库伦一家不会到这来的
[33:16.72]What did your friends mean about, you know, 你朋友说那句话什么意思
[33:18.90]''The Cullens don't come here?'' "库伦一家不会到这来的"?
[33:21.49]You caught that, huh? 你听出来了?
[33:24.83]I'm not really supposed to say anything about it. 这种事我不能乱说的
[33:28.90]Hey, I can keep a secret. 嘿 我会保密的
[33:33.04]Really, it's just like an old scary story. 真的 只是一个古老的恐怖传说而已
[33:38.47]Well, I want to know. 我想知道
[33:43.35]Okay, did you know Quileutes 好吧 你知道库兰特部落
[33:44.90]are supposedly descended from wolves? 传说是狼的后裔吗?
[33:48.55]What? Like, wolves? 什么? 狼?
[33:51.02]Yeah.    Like, real wolves? 嗯  真的狼?
[33:53.06]Well, that's the legend of our tribe. 反正我们部落里是这样传说的
[33:56.63]Okay. 好的
[33:57.73]So what's the story about the Cullens? 关于库伦家有什么故事呢?
[34:01.90]Well, they're supposedly descended from this, like, enemy clan. 他们是敌对部落的后裔
[34:09.77]My great grandfather, the chief, 我的曾祖父 当时的酋长
[34:11.35]found them hunting on our land. 发现他们在我们的土地上猎食
[34:14.81]But they claimed to be something different, 但他们说 他们不是我们想象中的那样
[34:16.88]so we made a treaty with them. 所以我们就和他们立约
[34:19.65]If they promised to stay off Quileute lands, 如果他们答应远离库兰特的土地
[34:22.32]then we wouldn't expose what they really were to the palefaces. 我们就不会向那些白种人泄露他们的真实身份
[34:27.86]I thought they just moved here. 我原以为他们刚搬到这
[34:30.89]Or just moved back. 或者是搬回来
[34:33.60]Right. 没错
[34:35.50]It touched my hand. A snake! Stop! 碰到我的手了 蛇啊 别追我了
[34:40.20]Well, what are they really? 那他们到底是什么啊?
[34:42.64]It's just a story, Bella. 只是个传说罢了 贝拉
[34:45.81]Come on, let's go. 好啦 走吧
[34:50.88]A snake! A snake! 蛇啊 蛇
[34:57.52]My mama said I didn't know how to make a kitty meow *我妈妈说我不知如何哄小猫*
[35:10.83]Hello? 有人吗
[35:19.11]Gerald? 是杰拉尔德吗?
[35:21.61]Gerald? 杰拉尔德?
[35:42.36]Hello. 你好
[35:44.47]Nice jacket. 你的皮衣不错嘛
[35:49.07]Who are you? 你是谁?
[35:50.27]It's always the same inane questions. 总是这种毫无意义的问题
[35:53.24]''Who are you?'' "你是谁?"
[35:54.51]''What do you want?'' "你想干嘛?"
[35:56.81]''Why are you doing this?'' "为什么要这样?"
[35:58.95]James, let's not play with our food. 詹姆斯 别逗我们的食物了
[36:28.20]安吉利港 华盛顿
[36:52.03]He's not here. 他不在这儿
[36:55.84]Whenever the weather's nice, the Cullens disappear. 只要天气好 库伦一家就会消失不见
[36:59.68]What, do they just ditch? 他们躲起来了?
[37:01.44]No, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen yank them out for, 不是 库伦父母会带他们出去玩
[37:04.10]like, hiking and camping and stuff. 爬山啦 野营啦
[37:06.22]I tried that out on my parents. Not even close. 我也想让我爸妈带我去 他们从不答应我
[37:08.48]Guys, I'm going to the prom with Eric. 姐妹们 我要和埃里克一起参加舞会
[37:11.35]I just asked him. I took control. 我刚邀请他的 我主动的
[37:13.30]I told you that would happen. 早说过他会答应的
[37:15.12]Are you sure you have to go out of town? 你非要那时外出吗?
[37:17.66]Oh, yeah, it's a little family thing. 嗯 家里的事啊
[37:20.30]Okay, we should go shopping in Port Angeles 我们得赶快去安吉利港购物
[37:21.73]before all the good dresses get cleaned out. 免得漂亮衣服都卖光了
[37:27.50]Port Angeles? You mind if I come? 安吉利港? 我能一起去吗
[37:30.44]Yeah, I need your opinion. 当然 还要你帮忙选衣服呢
[37:34.44]I like this one.    That's cool. 我喜欢这件  这件不错
[37:36.11]But, like, I don't know about the one-shoulder thing. 但 只露一肩膀的衣服 我不太合适吧
[37:38.51]I like this one.    Yeah, I like the beading, 我喜欢这件  嗯 我喜欢上面的小珠珠
[37:40.05]and you wouldn't need jewelry. 这样也就不用戴配饰了
[37:41.05]Jess, what do you think? Lavender? 杰西 你觉得呢? 淡紫色?
[37:42.42]Is that good? Is that my color?    I like it. 好看吗? 我穿这颜色好看吗?  我喜欢这颜色
[37:44.39]I liked that dusty rose one, too. 我也喜欢那件暗玫红色的
[37:46.46]Okay, I like this one. It makes my boobs look good. 我喜欢这件 这件更突显我的胸部呦
[37:49.49]Hey.    Right? 嗨  是吧?
[37:50.73]Nice. 漂亮呦
[37:52.56]Oh, God.    That is uncomfortable. 噢 天哪  他们怎么这样
[37:55.56]That's disgusting. 讨厌死了
[37:57.53]Bella, what do you think? 贝拉 你觉得呢?
[37:59.43]Yes? 嗯?
[38:01.07]That looks great. 很漂亮啊
[38:02.94]You said that about, like, the last five dresses, though. 试了五件了 你都这样说
[38:05.97]I thought they were all pretty good. 我觉得都很漂亮啊
[38:08.28]You're not really into this, are you? 你不喜欢挑衣服 是吗?
[38:10.88]I actually really just want to go to this bookstore. 事实上 我想去一下书店
[38:14.55]I'll meet you guys at the restaurant? 我们饭店再见吧?
[38:16.12]Are you sure?    Yeah, yeah. I'll see you in a minute. 你确定?  嗯嗯 一会儿见
[38:18.92]Okay.    Okay. 好吧  好吧
[38:22.59]She's right, though. This looks awesome. 她说的没错 这件确实不错
[38:27.50]There you go. 给你的书
[38:30.67]Have a good night.    Thank you. 晚安  谢谢
[39:05.00]Saw you in the dress store.    Hey, where you running to? 在服装店里见过你  嘿 你往哪跑?
[39:08.84]There she is. 她在这儿呢
[39:10.07]What's up?    It's my girI. 怎样?  小妞
[39:12.01]How you guys doing?    Look who we just found. 你们还好吗?  看看我们找到谁了
[39:13.74]What's up, girI? Hey... Where you going? 怎样 小妞? 嘿 你要去哪啊?
[39:16.68]Where are you going?    Come get a drink with us. 要去哪啊?  和我们喝一杯嘛
[39:18.81]Yeah, you should hang out with us.    Come on. 就是 和我们玩玩嘛  来啊
[39:20.22]It's fun. 会很有趣呦
[39:21.62]What's the problem?    She doesn't like that, man. 怎么啦?  她不喜欢这样 伙计
[39:23.09]You're pretty.    Don't touch me. 你很正点嘛  别碰我
[39:24.55]Cute.    Really, no. Seriously, you should. 漂亮呦  说真的 你应该和我们玩玩
[39:26.52]Don't touch me. 别碰我
[39:36.00]Get in the car. 进车里去
[39:39.23]That was a very dangerous maneuver. 你不想活啦
[40:08.76]I should go back there and rip those guys' heads off. 我应该开回去 拧断他们的头
[40:11.40]No, you shouldn't. 不 不要这样
[40:12.50]You don't know the vile, repulsive things they were thinking. 你根本不知道他们想的那些卑鄙下流事儿
[40:15.44]And you do? 你知道?
[40:17.61]It's not hard to guess. 很容易猜到
[40:20.81]Can you talk about something else? 说点别的好吗?
[40:22.00]Distract me so I won't turn around. 别让我想那些 否则我非开回去不可
[40:26.45]You should put your seatbelt on. 你应该系上安全带
[40:30.15]You should put your seatbelt on. 你才应该系上安全带呢
[40:37.56]I thought the salad was pretty good. 沙拉很好吃啊
[40:38.80]Hey, you guys, I'm sorry. I just... 嗨 姐妹们 抱歉 我...
[40:40.20]Where were you? We left you messages. 你去哪了? 我们给你留言了
[40:41.80]Yeah, we waited, but we were, like, starving, so we... 是啊 我们等啊等 可我们太饿了 所以我们...
[40:46.37]I'm sorry I kept Bella from dinner. 抱歉 我耽误贝拉吃饭了
[40:48.84]We just sort of ran into each other and got talking. 我们刚巧碰上 谈了起来
[40:53.61]No. 没关系
[40:54.91]No, we totally understand. I mean, that happens, right? 我们完全理解 我是说 难得碰上嘛
[40:59.55]Yeah, we were... 嗯 我们...
[41:00.68]We were, yeah, we were just leaving. 我们要走了
[41:01.40]So...    Let's get this... 所以... 我们...
[41:03.62]Bella, if you wanna... 贝拉 你想...
[41:05.92]I think I should make sure Bella gets something to eat. 我觉得 我必须得让贝拉吃点东西
[41:09.09]If you'd like. 如果你愿意的话
[41:12.19]I'll drive you home myself. 我会开车送你回家的
[41:14.36]That's so thoughtful. 真贴心啊
[41:16.80]It's really thoughtful. Yeah. 真贴心 真的
[41:19.90]Yeah. I should eat something. 好的 我得吃点东西
[41:22.14]Yeah. 是的
[41:24.27]Okay, so we'll see you tomorrow.    Okay, yeah. 那好 明天见喽  好的
[41:26.88]See ya.    Okay. 回见  好
[41:39.59]All right, one mushroom ravioli. 好啦 一盘蘑菇小方饺
[41:42.82]Thanks.    Yeah, no problem. 谢谢  不客气
[41:46.16]So are you sure there isn't anything I can get for you? 你确定什么都不要吗?
[41:48.53]No. No, thank you. 不要了 谢谢
[41:51.23]Let me know. 有需要随时找我
[41:58.81]You're really not gonna eat? 你真的不吃?
[42:03.15]No, I'm on a special diet. 不 我吃的饭很特殊
[42:08.05]You gotta give me some answers. 你必须得做点解释
[42:11.59]Yes, no. 好吧 不是那样
[42:13.82]To get to the other side. 到达停车场的另一边
[42:16.83]1.77245... 1.77245...
[42:18.83]I don't want to know what the square root of pi is. 我可不想知道π的平方根是多少
[42:21.23]You knew that? 你早就知道?
[42:23.00]How did you know where I was? 你怎么知道我在那的?
[42:25.20]I didn't. 我不知道
[42:26.87]All right.    What? 好吧  怎样?
[42:29.64]Don't leave. I... 别走 我...
[42:35.14]Did you follow me? 你跟踪我吗?
[42:38.95]I... 我...
[42:40.32]I feel very protective of you. 我只是很想保护你
[42:47.62]So you followed me. 也就是说你跟踪我
[42:49.02]I was trying to keep a distance unless you needed my help, 我和你保持一段距离 除非你需要我的帮助
[42:52.09]and then I heard what those low-lifes were thinking. 然后 我听到那些小痞子的肮脏想法
[42:56.40]Wait. 等下
[42:58.37]You say you heard what they were thinking? 你是说 你听得到他们在想什么?
[43:04.31]So what, you... 也就是说 你...
[43:07.14]You read minds? 你懂读心术?
[43:11.75]I can read every mind in this room. 这屋里每个人的想法 我都能读懂
[43:16.55]Apart from yours. 除了你的
[43:20.29]There's money, sex, 有人想钱 想性
[43:25.43]money, 钱
[43:27.56]sex, 性
[43:29.16]cat. 还有人想猫
[43:33.40]And then you, nothing. 而你呢 什么都读不出来
[43:38.11]It's very frustrating. 太让我有挫败感了
[43:42.68]Is there something wrong with me? 我是不是有问题啊?
[43:46.48]See, I tell you I can read minds, 看到没 我告诉你我懂读心术
[43:48.75]and you think there's something wrong with you. 而你却想自己可能有问题
[43:59.36]What is it? 怎么了?
[44:01.50]I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore. 我没法再让自己远离你了
[44:10.81]Then don't. 那就不要离开
[44:32.06]Okay, I think I'm warm enough now. 好了 我已经暖和过来了
[44:41.10]Your hand is so cold. 你的手好冰
[44:55.15]What is going on? 发生什么事了?
[44:58.55]My dad's still here. 我爸还在这
[45:00.59]Can you pull in? 能开进去吗?
[45:04.96]That's my father's car on the end. 我爸的车在那边
[45:07.86]What is he doing here? 他在这干嘛?
[45:12.63]Carlisle, what's going on? 卡莱尔 发生什么事了?
[45:16.37]Waylon Forge was found in a boat out near his place. 维隆·福特被发现死在家附近
[45:20.58]I just examined the body.    He died? 我刚验完尸  他死了?
[45:24.71]How?    Animal attack. 怎么死的?  动物袭击
[45:29.42]Was it the same one that got that security guard down in Mason? 是杀死梅森郡那名警卫的动物吗?
[45:32.69]Most likely. 很有可能
[45:34.02]Well, it's getting closer to town, then. 它越来越向镇中心逼近了
[45:35.30]Bella, you should go inside. 贝拉 你该进去看看
[45:37.93]Waylon was your father's friend. 维隆是你爸爸的朋友
[45:40.50]Okay. 好的
[45:45.37]I'll see you later. 回见
[45:59.31]Hey.    Hey. 嗨  嗨
[46:04.99]Dad, I'm really sorry. 爸 我很难过
[46:11.49]I've known him going on 30 years. 我和他是三十多年的朋友了
[46:29.14]Don't worry, we're gonna find this thing. 别担心 我们会查出真凶的
[46:33.21]Meantime, 与此同时
[46:35.92]I want you to carry this with you.    I don't know if you... 我想让你随身携带这个  这个...
[46:41.29]It'll give your old man some peace of mind. 这会让老爸我安心点
[46:45.03]Okay. 好吧
[46:49.56]Let's go home. 回家吧
[47:36.85]Cold One. 冷血动物
[47:55.00]埃及: 不死水
[49:45.44]You're impossibly fast and strong. 你超出常人的迅速 有力
[49:49.58]Your skin is pale white and ice-cold. 你的皮肤苍白 冰冷
[49:53.45]Your eyes change color. 你的眼睛会变色
[49:56.32]And sometimes you speak like you're from a different time. 有时你说话 就好像你来自另外的世界
[50:02.26]You never eat or drink anything. 你从不吃喝
[50:04.00]You don't go out in the sunlight. 有阳光你就不出来
[50:09.56]How old are you? 你几岁了?
[50:12.63]Seventeen. 17岁
[50:16.37]How long have you been 1 7? 你17岁多久了?
[50:21.98]A while. 有段时间了
[50:36.42]I know what you are. 我知道你是什么
[50:40.76]Say it. 说出来
[50:45.70]Out loud. 大声说出来
[50:50.00]Say it. 说啊
[50:57.28]Vampire. 吸血鬼
[51:02.02]Are you afraid? 你害怕吗?
[51:11.83]No. 不
[51:15.50]Then ask me the most basic question. 那问些最基本的问题
[51:18.53]What do we eat? 我们吃什么?
[51:23.17]You won't hurt me. 你不会伤害我的
[51:29.91]Where are we going? 我们要去哪?
[51:32.95]Up the mountain. 去山顶
[51:34.18]Out of the cloud bank. 那没有云雾
[51:36.22]You need to see what I look like in the sunlight. 我要你看 阳光下我的样子
[51:58.51]This is why we don't show ourselves in sunlight. 这就是为什么我们从不出现在阳光下
[52:01.14]People would know we're different. 人们会发现我们是异类
[52:13.79]This is what I am. 这就是真正的我
[52:21.00]It's like diamonds. 像钻石般闪耀
[52:31.51]You're beautiful. 好美
[52:36.38]Beautiful? 美?
[52:38.01]This is the skin of a killer, Bella. 这是杀人魔的皮肤 贝拉
[52:47.16]I'm a killer. 我是杀人魔
[52:50.79]I don't believe that. 我不信
[52:53.36]That's because you believe the lie. 那是因为你只愿相信谎言
[52:56.56]It's camouflage. 那都是骗人的
[53:00.50]I'm the worId's most dangerous predator. 我是世上最凶残的掠夺者
[53:04.17]Everything about me invites you in, 我全身上下都在引诱你
[53:07.91]my voice, my face, even my smell. 我的声音 我的面容 甚至我的味道
[53:12.31]As if I would need any of that. 其实我并不需要这些伪装
[53:17.55]As if you could outrun me! 你根本跑不过我
[53:25.46]As if you could fight me off. 你根本打不过我
[53:31.17]I'm designed to kill. 我生来就要杀戮
[53:36.00]I don't care. 我不在乎
[53:38.51]I've killed people before. 我以前杀过人
[53:42.41]It does not matter. 这并不重要
[53:48.88]I wanted to kill you. 我曾想杀了你
[53:54.22]I've never wanted a human's blood so much in my life. 在我一生中 从未这样渴望得到人类的鲜血
[53:59.93]I trust you. 我相信你
[54:03.97]Don't. 不要
[54:06.60]I'm here. I trust you. 我就在这儿 我相信你
[54:13.11]My family, we're different from others of our kind. 我们一家 和其它吸血鬼不同
[54:16.41]We only hunt animals. 我们只猎杀动物
[54:18.25]We've learned to control our thirst. 我学会了控制自己的欲望
[54:21.58]But it's you, your scent, 但是你 你的味道
[54:26.82]it's like a drug to me. 对我来说 就像毒品
[54:30.46]You're like my own personal brand of heroin. 就像专为我而制的海洛因
[54:41.34]Why did you hate me so much when we met? 我们见面时 你为什么那么恨我?
[54:44.57]I did. 确实
[54:46.34]Only for making me want you so badly. 可这样 只会让我更加想得到你
[54:49.68]I still don't know if I can control myself. 我不知道 我能否控制住自己
[54:54.62]I know you can. 我知道 你一定可以的
[55:04.69]I can't read your mind. 我读不出你的想法
[55:07.43]You have to tell me what you're thinking. 你得告诉我 你现在在想什么
[55:12.87]Now I'm afraid. 我感到害怕
[55:19.57]Good. 很好
[55:22.04]I'm not afraid of you. 我不是害怕你
[55:27.72]I'm only afraid of losing you. 我是害怕失去你
[55:28.95]I feel like you're gonna disappear. 我总觉得你会消失不见
[55:38.93]You don't know how long I've waited for you. 你根本不知道 我等你有多漫长
[55:50.14]So the lion fell in love with the lamb. 这么说 狮子爱上了羊
[55:56.58]What a stupid lamb. 多蠢的羊!
[55:58.48]What a sick, masochistic lion. 多傻 多爱自虐的狮子!
[57:26.67]About three things I was absolutely positive. 有三件事 我很肯定
[57:31.14]First, 第一
[57:33.61]Edward was a vampire. 爱德华是吸血鬼
[57:40.01]Second, 第二
[57:42.08]there was a part of him, 他身体的一部分
[57:44.09]and I didn't know how dominant that part might be, 想喝我的血 虽说我不知道
[57:47.72]that thirsted for my blood. 那部分有多么渴望
[57:53.86]And third, 第三
[57:56.43]I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. 我已经毫无保留地 完完全全地爱上了他
[58:05.87]Monte Carlo? That's our prom theme? 蒙特卡洛(世界著名赌城)? 这就是舞会的主题?
[58:09.04]Gambling, tuxedos, and Bond, James Bond. 赌博 穿礼服 还有邦德 詹姆斯·邦德
[58:17.69]Oh, my God. 噢 老天
[58:31.90]You know, everybody's staring. 知道嘛 人人都在盯着我们看
[58:38.17]Not that guy. No, he just looked. 那个家伙可不是 他只是看
[58:43.98]I'm breaking all the rules now anyway. 不管怎样 我已打破所有的规则
[58:46.85]Since I'm going to hell. 早晚得下地狱啊
[58:53.39]So, does a person have to be dying 这么说 只有快死的人
[58:58.76]to become like you? 才能变得和你一样?
[59:01.23]No, that's just Carlisle. 不 只有卡莱尔
[59:05.77]He'd never do this to someone who had another choice. 只要那人还有一线生机 卡莱尔绝对不会对他下手
[59:10.81]So, how long have you been like this? 你这样 已经多久了?
[59:14.44]Since 1918. 自从1918年开始
[59:16.84]That's when Carlisle found me dying of Spanish influenza. 那时卡莱乐发现我马上要死于西班牙流感
[59:22.72]What was it like? 那感觉如何?
[59:25.05]The venom was excruciating. 毒液让人极其痛苦
[59:28.12]But what Carlisle did was much harder. 但卡莱尔承受的更加痛苦
[59:30.36]Not many of us have the restraint to do that. 我们之中没几个能有他那样的控制力
[59:32.89]But didn't he just have to bite? 他不是只需咬一下吗?
[59:37.80]Not exactly. 并不完全是
[59:39.83]When we taste 当我们
[59:43.74]human blood, a sort of frenzy begins, 吸人血时 内心就会极度狂乱
[59:48.68]and it's almost impossible to stop. 这种感觉简直无法停止
[59:53.38]But Carlisle did. 但卡莱尔做到了
[59:55.18]First with me and then with his wife, Esme. 先是我 后是他的妻子 埃斯米
[59:58.09]So is Carlisle the real reason that you don't kill people? 这么说 卡莱尔是你不杀人的真正原因?