Happy Tibet Sheng Festival

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    When I get off from Gonga airport ,I see the blue sky , l take deep breath of Tibet air , l stand up Tibet land ,I ‘m so pride my dream come true (www.tripbus.com)
our Tibetan tour-guide and driver send us to our hotel . our hotel is located at near Potala palace ,name is Kangzuo hotel , Tibetan style decoration,rooms very warm, Tibetan style spread very corner , Tibetan restroom, beds ,bookracks ,desk lamp ,floor… ,what a cozy places . make me feeling stay in my own home.
     This is my frist time travel in highland , I have little physical reaction so I take nap in a while ,when I wake up hotel waiter suggest me use oxygen service in the lobby of hotel .A few hours later I feeling better , I think I had ready to adjust highland.So l need walking around  Potala square see the fountain , by the way find restaurant.(www.tripbus.com)
Next day our tour guide bring us visit potala palace and sera monastery , our tour guide wake me up at 8.AM , head to Potala palace , so many tourists  around there , every tourists only have one and half hour visiting , steps so high ,l think l will take more than half hours get to top . I’m old , it is really hard for me visit palace during one and half hours, our tour guide seem like understood what is my struggle , he want carry me up to top , he said he is strong , I know that , but … I reject it , he carry my bag , support my hand  all ways courage me , finally get to top not too hard than I thought , my tour guide is very knowledgeable , he explain me every piece of  treasure ‘s story .

    Afternoon tour guide  bring  us to sera monastery ,I want see monks read scripture , normally it was limited  for visitor , but I  make it , because our touguide  have good relationship with monks , I ,m very interesting what meaning inside of scripture , my tour guide  translator it for me in English ,I ‘m  so amazing , what a tour guide can explain buddism scripture such accurate finally he told me he is a pious believer .(www.chinayak.com)

    Next day I  plan to visit Namtso , this is my last day stay in Tibet ,  I  hope this day valuable I had know some of story about it ,I  going to feeling holy lake by today .
Trip from Lhasa to the northern Nam-tso,  around 200km .it is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, it is really shock me with its stunning view, and I have  chance to visit Tsurphu Monastery, have natural Yangbachen hot-spring enroute. , tour guide told me Namtso lake is veru spiritual , if you make a wishing stand lake side , it is will be comes true , tourguide told me his testimony , he said he get married with his lovely wife cause holy lake bless it ,l trust it ,I  also make a wishing before I go , lake is very nice .blue sky and blue lake  , mountain surround , l take a lot of picture in Namtso.   (www.chinayak.com) 
    I really appreciate my guide Jiangcai and feel lucky to find him form chinayak. The worth of a guide is proven only when crisis happens and how they overcome the problem.